Little Lives by Shara Feit
directed by Kylie Brown
starring Ann Arvia, Lucy Consagra, Delia Cunningham, Erica Camarano, and Tatyana Aravena Getzinger

At the Women’s Care Crisis Pregnancy Center, the new trainee is learning the ropes, the protestors are stationed outside, and the abortion clinic next door is selling damnation. Then, everything changes. In Shara Feit’s two-part drama little lives, two staffs of women must reckon with the cost of fighting to protect life.

Manger by Max Friedlich
directed by Michael Herwitz
produced by Hannah Getts
starring Emma Cadd, Niall Cunningham, Jared Kemp, and Zeke St. John

On a cold winter night, in a bar upstate, the lives of four strangers are torn apart in ways they could’ve never imagined. Some will find God and the others will lose everything as a result.

Happy Birthday Mars Rover by Preston Choi
directed by Morgan Reilly
starring Lili Cheong, Charlotte Durkee, Nathaniel Jameson, Abe Jacobs, Jarrett Jung, and Isabel Renner

The Mars Rover was engineered to do two things: search for life on the surface of Mars, and for some reason sing Happy Birthday. Tracking humanity's ceaseless search for understanding and preservation Happy Birthday Mars Rover offers a kaleidoscope of Earth's history from the dawn of humanity, through the present, and into the unknowable future trying to answer the eternal questions: What does it mean to be alive? Is there life in outer space? and does it like cake? 

The Body Project by Charlotte Durkee

The Body Project is an interview based theater installation piece that explores the human relationship with one's body using projections mapped to body molds made from the interviewees.

Exalted by Madison Fiedler
directed by Cameron King
starring Charlie Baker and Madelyn Sher

A man paints a naked woman, as he often does; a naked woman sits perfectly still on a man’s bed, her life in pieces, well-paid. They are strangers, and silent, and they are at war. Exalted is a new play by Madison Fiedler about the politics and power of nudity.

Blood by Yael Haskal
directed by Irene Lazaridis
starring Tia McDonald and Amara Granderson

When Lindy is called upon to donate blood to a local pastor and pillar of the community, she and her phlebotomist face the ultimate question: "Does blood really run deep?”

The Technicians by Justine Gelfman
directed by Seonjae Kim
starring Sadie Scott, Laura Sohn, Narea Kang, Barbara Spence, and Eo Moon

Jae and Phoebe meet in a nail salon. They are eight, but their friendship is intense and immediate. The girls grow up together, despite different friend groups, families and financial situations. But when a secret arrangement is revealed, the girls must grapple with privilege, pinky promises, keeping them, breaking them, breaking nails, and breaking up.

Puppy Dog Blues by Jake Anderson
directed by Jarrett Jung
starring Talia Bornstein, Nhumi Threadgill, Abisheik Nair

Two dogs escape from their master, and a girl runs away from home. Their chance meeting in the middle of the forest forces us to confront how we tell our own stories, justify our pasts, and move forward.