July 27 - August 6, 2018 @ THEATERLAB

Set in British Colonial Africa and an urban park 100 years later, Cloud 9 follows one seemingly perfect nuclear family. When a handsome explorer arrives on their African estate, codes of behavior break down as secret histories and hidden desires are revealed. As lines of propriety, social class, and gender vanish, the family struggles to navigate a terrain where anything is possible. Through 137 years, ten relationships, four songs and two wildly contrasting acts, Cloud 9 is a comedic and moving exploration of what it means to come of age in a rapidly changing and sexually politicized world.

Directed by Cameron King

Featuring Noa Bornstein, Dillon Claro, Charlotte Durkee, Abe Jacobs, Jarrett Jung, Zeke St. John, and Isabel Renner. 


June 30 - July 2, 2018

@ IRT Theater as part of the 3B Development Series

Here be Monsters by India Kotis
Directed by Charlotte Durkee
Sybille's father is dying and the world is about to end. Grappling with an environmental awakening and resisting her caretaking responsibilities, Sybille prepares to say goodbye to the world as she knows it. Here Be Monsters is a play about grieving the things you can still see and touch before you are ready, before they are gone. 

Cupid's Corner by Parade Stone
Directed by Sadie Scott
Cupid's Corner is the trendiest way for customers to take control of their love life. When Tinder meets McDonald's, a group of college students create a "perfect person" in Parade Stone's futuristic new comedy about dating behind a screen. 

Laced by Samantha Mueller
Directed by Gina Marie Hayes
The night after a queer bar in Ybor City is vandalized, three twenty-something bartenders gather to grieve, riot, and piece together events of the night before. Fiery and poetic, Laced ferociously celebrates the spaces in which we find our truest selves. 

The Matriarchs by Shara Feit
Directed by Michael Herwitz
Aba is dead, Ima is missing, Rivka is pregnant, Leah is in crisis, Rachel is making vagina-shaped earrings, and Miriam has returned home. Hilarious and moving, The Matriarchs is about sitting shiva when the front door gets locked.